Northern Shakedown is a band that represents a true sense of Brotherhood. It is a bond that inspires even the most callous observer to remember that music is still our greatest hope for breaking down boundaries and pulling us together. Northern Shakedown is a reminder that Rock & Roll may still yet have a few more tricks up its sleeve.


The band originated, like many of the greatest bands on the famed Chitlin' Circuit that gave birth to Soul, after it sprang from the Church. Like many of those artists, their individual worldviews and politics have evolved upon greater exposure to all things secular. But musically it was a rich experience.


Like Sam Cooke and Bobby Womack, this is where all four members first wrote songs and played before their first big crowds. The church was the crucible in which these two sets of brothers exposed each other to two different worlds that they have made co-exist through their bonds of friendship and mutual respect. There is a sense with a band that came from the structures and tenants of the Pentecostal church, that outside of those walls anything is possible. The time they did has done their sound a great justice.


And they have emerged as quite decent human beings with songs that are worth enjoying up in the club or on your home hi-fi stereo system.


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